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CN Mold Tech was established in July 2003, We are professional plastic mold manufacturer. We are a fully equipped industrial factory with an area of 6,500 square meters of floor space. We are primarily an injection molds making based enterprise that specializes in injection mold design and manufacturing,

CN Mold Tech, has advanced the development of mold design and production process, with more than 70 people including engineers and other technical personnel. Our designers mainly use  UG,  CAD ,Moldflow and other design software. Our quality management commitment is fulfilled by a full-time quality technician using a number of advanced testing equipment.

The company produces all kinds of plastic mold products, including all kinds of precision molds for the Japanese, European and the United States companies.

The company now has a monthly production capacity for small mold sets of 40-50, 30-40 sets of medium-sized molds and sets of 25-30 for large molds. The maximum mold weight we can accommodate can reach  10Tn. European and American molds account for 60% of our orders with the other 35% of molds manufacture for Japanese customers. The last 5% of molds we manufacture for various other customers.

Following our spirit of “quality first, customer first, and sustainable management”, we will continue to constantly improve new technologies and processes for our customer at the same time providing them with most competitive quality and service. We are dedicated to provide you with a superior product and a broader market.

Sincerely we welcome you to visit our facility and learn more about our company.